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SGE 0.12 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Sun 07 Sep 2014 12:39:21 AM UTC.

Version 0.12 of the SGE is a fairly minor release, adding new features. As always, it can be found on the download page:

These are the main changes:

  • The view port size can now be specified separately from the view size. This is intended to add support for zooming in and out, a feature that was previously lacking.
  • Setting the mouse position is now done with the new sge.mouse.set_x and sge.mouse.set_y functions, rather than by setting the x and y attributes of The old method was really annoying to implement and not particularly beneficial anyway.
  • has been simplified. In particular, in addition to x and y now being read-only, the speed variables no longer indicate anything in particular (they are simply not used).
  • When the mouse is in relative mode, is given an x and y position of -1, and sge.mouse.get_x and sge.mouse.get_y return None.

The Pygame SGE has also had some significant changes:

  • The way the Pygame SGE displays everything has been rewritten. Previously, it made use of Pygame's high-level sprites and "dirty" drawing for optimization purposes. This did cause improved performance, but the code was horribly inflexible and practically unreadable, so I changed it to use a more basic rendering strategy. I in particular decided to do this for the purpose of adding support for the new wport and hport attributes of views, which would have been tremendously difficult to add to the old system.
  • Hardware acceleration is now enabled by default. It was disabled by default in the past because software-based optimizations were being used. Now that those software-based optimizations are impossible due to the change in the rendering strategy, there's no point in not enabling hardware rendering.

There is no new release of xSGE this time, because xSGE 0.2.0 works with SGE 0.12, and I haven't thought of anything to add to xSGE.

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