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SGE 0.15 and xSGE 0.5 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Thu 01 Jan 2015 04:44:02 PM UTC.

Happy new year, everyone! It's entirely a coincidence, but along with the new year comes a new release of the SGE, and a new release of xSGE:

It's mostly an upgrade to xSGE, though the SGE has been tweaked a little bit as well. These are the major changes to the SGE:

  • Resources are now loaded by specifying their paths, rather than having a list of paths to search for them in. One exception: sprites still retain their basic old behavior, but rather than a centralized list of paths, the single path to search for the sprite's images in is specified when loading the sprite.
  • sge.Color now supports indicating alpha transparency in HTML-style hex strings.
  • Several bugs fixed in the Pygame SGE.

The update to xSGE is much more significant, and includes the following changes:

  • xsge.tmx added, for loading TMX maps.
  • xsge.path added, for defining paths.
  • New xsge.physics.MobileWall class, for moving platforms and other similar things.
  • "xsticky" and "ysticky" class attributes of xsge.physics slopes have been renamed to be more specific and prevent name conflicts.
  • xsge.physics collision events are now special "event_physics_collision" events, rather than just being the regular SGE collision events. This prevents them from being called when they shouldn't be.
  • xsge.physics slopes now regulate the speed that colliders move along them, preventing the effect of slopes speeding up movement, by default.
  • Some bugs fixed in xsge.physics.

Because of some of these changes, in particular the newly added support for TMX maps, it is now quite easy to make a platformer engine, and an example of this has been added to xSGE's examples.

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