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Release 0.8.4

Item posted by Marek Marecki <maelkum> on Sun 28 Aug 2016 02:56:01 PM UTC.

With 75 commits since 0.8.3 this release brings few, but important improvements to
the core of the virtual machine.


Viua now support simultaneous multiprocessing for virtual processes.
The maximum number of virtual process that can be run in parallel depends on the settings the machine
is started with, and is limited by capabilities of the underlying hardware (for example - the VM will
not run 4 processes in parallel if only two CPU cores are available, assuming each core can run only
one thread).


Processes can be spawned as immediately detached, by using 0 as the target register index.
The VM will interpret this as "spawn this process and execute it, and I am not interested in
communicating with it".
The VM will give parent process neither the possibility of joining spawned process, nor will it
return a PID for the process.


Viua can be instructed to spawn a certain number of VP and FFI schedulers at launch-time, the limits
are no longer hard-set at compile time.
The number of spawned schedulers can not be changed at runtime.

Two environment variables control the number of schedulers spawned:

- VIUA_VP_SCHEDULERS: for number of VP schedulers
- VIUA_FFI_SCHEDULERS: for number of FFI schedulers

The CPU frontend provides the `--info` option; among other things, it provides information about
scheduler numbers the VM would spawn in current evironment.
Use `--json` option to get `--info` output in JSON format.

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