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Tiger 3.2.3 released: bug fix release
     posted by jfs, Wed 10 Sep 2008 07:44:18 AM UTC

A new version of Tiger (3.2.3) has been released. This version is mainly a bug fix release that incorporates all the fixes introduced in Debian since the 3.2.2 release.

It also updates Linux' gen_mounts to support many more filesystems and provides a way for local administrators to define local and non-local filesystems. Which makes it easier [...]

Offline audit scripts now available
     posted by jfs, Mon 27 Aug 2007 07:31:52 PM UTC

Tiger version 3.2.2 now includes the all new 'audit scripts' written by Marc Heuse.

One common problem when auditing the security of 'live' (production) systems is that the administrator doesn't want the auditor to run a complex set of scripts (such as Tiger). This set of scripts can be used for offline audit of different operating systems. [...]

New 3.2.2 release
     posted by jfs, Mon 27 Aug 2007 07:22:59 PM UTC

After a long time the new 3.2.2 release is available. This release is basicly a bug fix release, introducing many of the changes available in CVS (and in the patches introduced in the Debian packages) which have been generated over the past time. [...]

Download of releases (temporary)
     posted by jfs, Tue 27 Apr 2004 06:57:49 PM UTC

While we are preparing a new release people might wonder were the old releases are. Well, they are hard to find (at least for me) but they are available at

This download area can be used while I struggle in order to get my GPG signature to be added properly so that I can submit files to the new download [...]

Important note related to Savannah compromise
     posted by jfs, Thu 08 Jan 2004 10:51:45 AM UTC

Important Note: Due to a recent compromise of the Savannah project servers ( it is recommended that source code or binaries downloaded from there are checked carefully, specially if not signed with the Tiger's developer's key ( Note that even though [...]

New stable release 3.2.1 available
     posted by jfs, Sat 11 Oct 2003 07:19:14 PM UTC

A new stable release (3.2.1) for the Tiger security tool has been published.  This new release includes a number of bug fixes, enhancements and new checks such as:  check_ndd (for HPUX and SunOS systems), check_passwspec (for Linux and HPUX) check_trusted (for HPUX), check_rootkit (which can interact with the chkrootkit tool), check_xinetd, and, [...]

New release candidate for version 3.2.1
     posted by jfs, Sat 30 Aug 2003 03:23:08 PM UTC

There is a new pre-release Tiger 3.2.1 version available on Savannah's download area. The new stable version 3.2.1 will
boast a number of CHANGES with respect to 3.2. In the prerelase (and inthe CVS) you can read the the official changelog. You will see the addition of a number of new checks (such as check_rookit) and better support [...]

New stable release: Tiger 3.2
     posted by jfs, Fri 09 May 2003 09:20:05 PM UTC

A new release of Tiger, version 3.2, has recently been published. This release is considered 'stable' (substituting the 2.2.4 version). Tiger 3.2 fixes some security vulnerabilities (a buffer overflow in realpath.c detected by and unsafe use of 'eval' in some of the checks and utils), provides seven more checks and also fixes bugs present in [...]

WARNING: Security vulnerability discovered in Tiger's realpath
     posted by jfs, Fri 09 May 2003 06:38:01 PM UTC

A security vulnerability has been detected by Steve Grub [1] in the c/realpath.c program which is distributed in all Tiger versions. The realpath function used did not proper limit the input to it which could cause a buffer overflow.

In some operating systems it might be possible to crash realpath if the filesystem has a file which is checked [...]

Tiger featured in slashdot
     posted by jfs, Fri 25 Apr 2003 05:08:24 PM UTC

With the intention of making people more aware that Tiger is now (in the process of being) ressurrected, I have posted an article at slashdot (

It didn't make it to the frontpage and the formatting sucked (I remember doing proper formating) but still, it's worth mentioning.

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New 3.2 candidate available in CVS posted by jfs, Mon 21 Apr 2003 08:30:22 AM UTC

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