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Back on-line
     posted by jbd, Mon 15 Sep 2008 03:21:39 PM UTC

After a lightning strike took out our network and servers back in early August, we are now back on-line and working on the project.

Turns out a lot of equipment didn't fail completely, but just became intermittently unreliable. Most of the equipment and a few cables had to be replaced (along with the development server). Testing has shown that things are back to their pre-strike level of reliability.

Release 152 Available
     posted by jbd, Mon 30 Jun 2008 12:53:37 AM UTC

This release fixes some minor bugs uncovered by testing (missing ProgramStatus code D, Missing textual descriptions of new ProgramStatus codes in Needs Report).

Release 151 ready for test
     posted by jbd, Sat 21 Jun 2008 04:44:51 AM UTC

This release fixes a bug (Full/part time not being saved), and adds a Summary Field to the LSI-R record, and references it in the Needs Form and Report. Also: The Withdrawn status has been added to the offender records.

This release changes the Offender, Needs, and LSI-R databases, so these will need to be exported, wiped & initialized, and imported if you are upgrading from a prior version.

Release 150 now available for testing
     posted by jbd, Tue 17 Jun 2008 02:25:15 AM UTC

This release adds a missing field and some additional fields to the Offender table, so if you have been using a prior version, be sure to export your Offender records; wipe and initialize the Offender table, and re-import what you exported. Otherwise, saves to the Offender table may not work.

This release also "compresses" the Offender tab so that it occupies less vertical space. And a number of Needs interventions were changed, eliminated and added.

Release 148 now available
     posted by jbd, Fri 30 May 2008 02:34:04 AM UTC

This fixes a bug introduced in Release 147 that caused "virgin" clients to hang when sync'ing to the server.

It also flags empty Services records that have enrollees.

Release 146 now available
     posted by jbd, Fri 02 May 2008 01:37:52 AM UTC

This release fixes a bug that prohibited the synchronizing of the Services database.

Release 145 now available
     posted by jbd, Mon 31 Mar 2008 03:21:10 AM UTC

This release fixes 2 bugs:
  * The needs report included unselected services; now only
    selected services are displayed in the Needs Report.
  * When browsing a "search list" of needs, some services
    would be shown as selected when they were not selected in the
    data base. Now the selected services are correctly displayed.

No database schema changes were made in this release, so existing data will work for testing.

Version 144 available for testing
     posted by jbd, Sat 22 Mar 2008 01:48:33 AM UTC

This corrects the BOC/DOC number on the intake/Offender form. And adds a question about substance abuse in personal information.

Version 143 now availabe
     posted by jbd, Sun 24 Feb 2008 08:46:32 PM UTC

This version is more generic, has support for Victim Impact and a few changed fields. Forms and pages specific to clients have been removed. Please test it!

Release 140 available
     posted by jbd, Sat 30 Jun 2007 02:03:12 AM UTC

This relaxes "Saves" by those other than coordinator - now any logged in user can make them.

Also, this is the last release under the auspices of the contractor; future release will be under community control.

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