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GSequencer v2.1.53 for debian buster

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Fri 08 Mar 2019 11:01:12 PM UTC.

The debian release 10 and its freeze was tough. Too many changes 4 days before the dead-line:

$ git diff 2.1.53 2.1.64 ags | wc -l -
31739 -

But they are not that important to run Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer.

The patch set

From the changelog I have prepared a set of patches:

$ wc -l ags_*.patch
  289 ags_audio_signal_feed.patch
   50 ags_automation_get_value.patch
   24 ags_buffer_audio_signal_missing_unref.patch
   72 ags_effect_bulk_missing_flags.patch
   56 ags_effect_bulk_queue_draw.patch
  127 ags_simple_file_read_config.patch
   21 ags_thread-posix-max-precision.patch
  639 total

They all improve certain things and are included in latest upstream release 2.1.64.

Cherry-pick changes

From this point, I was able to take decision what severity would match what patch.

We finally provided 3 patches in GSequencer v2.1.53-2 of severity important.

  50 debian/patches/ags_automation_get_value.patch
 119 debian/patches/ags_simple_file_read_config.patch
  21 debian/patches/ags_thread-posix-max-precision.patch
 190 total

Automation get value patch

Fixes premature termination of ags_automation_get_value(). Without it the
automation editor would be useless.

Simple file read config

This patch applies correct frequencies to threads as reading config from file.

Thread max precision

The property specification wasn't properly applied and caused some real bad effect,
like running with different frequency on AgsThread::clock().

All threads have the very same clock speed.

It is a great release

The new bisection algorithms are included for following storage objects:

The properties follow GObject like reference counters. As obtaining a GList-struct as
property its containing object references are incremented.

The UI refreshes values related to samplerate. Especially the oscillators of AgsSynth and AgsSyncsynth.

The pulseaudio cache is available and can be configured withing UI.

The OSC server is provided, too.

And for sure configuration in place.


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