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GSequencer v3.0.0 planned release date 2020-05-07

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Wed 20 Nov 2019 08:15:08 AM UTC.

The development on GSequencer v3.0.0 is on-going. The last 2 weeks I just spent with refactoring Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer's threading API.

Abandon POSIX thread API in favor of GThread and related

Wow, this were many mutices that had to be replaced. The common object field obj_mutex is now of type GRecMutex. There are usually macros to access the object's mutex. Like:

GRecMutex *thread_mutex;

thread_mutex = AGS_THREAD_GET_OBJ_MUTEX(thread);




Anyway, most of the time you should rather use accession functions or g_object_get() and g_object_set().

Refactored AgsThread

The AgsThread object resides as of 3.0.0 in ags/thread/ags_thread.[ch] and its synchronization work has been rewritten.

I have dropped the support for many exotic functions, like lock/unlock or wait for the tree. Further the suspend/resume, interrupt and monitor functions are removed.

No more nested functions in ags/thread/ags_thread.c.

Further you should make use of the tree accession functions and decrease the ref-count as you are done with the thread object.

Refactored AgsMainLoop

The main loop was just refactored to the new needs to provide tic-based parallelism.

Removed various threading related objects

The removed objects are:

Either there is no need for it or we use now GLib-2.0 facilities.

Implemented AgsTaskLauncher

The AgsTaskLauncher is invoked every time AgsThread::clock() is full synchronized. The ags_task_launcher_run() function is called by ags_task_launcher_sync_run() running AgsTask in the prior attached GMainContext.

Thought, GSequencer uses a dedicated GMainLoop, it would possible to callback events invoked by an AgsTask directly to the user interface by attaching default GMainContext.

by Joël

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