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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

This is a lisp implementation.  Now it is just an interpreter, but I will add some compilation later.  I aim for Common Lisp conformance, but I'm not religious about it.

I write alisp in C89 syntax and standard library.

I use GNU readline (optionally) and GNU mp as external libraries, for line input and arbitrary precision arithmetic respectively.

The implementation is incomplete as of now.  See the script for a tour de force of the interpreter.

This is a solo project at the moment, so please don't send patches.  But do send bug reports and suggestions to the address you find in README!  If you need some lisp construct, tell me.

I release alisp as free software under GPL version 3 or later.

If you like this project, you can make a recurrent donation at  Thank you very much!

If you know of any relevant grant or have other funding suggestions, write to me.

Registration Date: Thu 23 Jun 2022 03:31:12 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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alisp 0.999 released
     posted by andreamonaco, Sat 18 May 2024 08:35:03 PM UTC

Version 0.999 is out.

Now al has more sharp macros and many improvements in all kinds of arrays, filenames, fill pointers, minimal compilation, generic functions, streams, LOOP, FORMAT; it also has ROOM, TRACE and stepping in the debugger, that almost no free CL implementation has; last but not least, tons of bug fixes and closed leaks make al [...]

alisp 0.99 released
     posted by andreamonaco, Sat 09 Mar 2024 06:54:56 PM UTC

Version 0.99 is out.

Now al has better support for UTF-8, fill pointers, macro functions, generic functions, standard objects, pathnames and file operations, restarts; we also have minimal compilation and a basic debugger and profiler; finally a lot of bug fixes and closed leaks.

Get alisp at  See README for instructions and for a demonstration of what the interpreter can do.

alisp 0.98 released
     posted by andreamonaco, Fri 02 Feb 2024 08:03:50 PM UTC

Version 0.98 is out.

Now we have better support for complex numbers, more type stuff, some bit arrays, many more clauses in LOOP, more correct lexical closures and conditions, better hash tables, some adjustable arrays, plus tens of bugfixes and closed leaks. [...]

alisp 0.97 released
     posted by andreamonaco, Tue 21 Nov 2023 05:22:27 PM UTC

Version 0.97 is out.

Now al has plists, bitwise operators, random functions, auxiliary variables, more math functions, restarts, basic support for classes and generic functions.  We can now say that al has limited support for each and every aspect of ANSI CL, and that half of the standard symbols are implemented.

Get alisp at  See README for instructions and for a demonstration of what the interpreter can do.

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