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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

You need this if you want to use webservices with DotGNU and Portable.Net.

The DotGNU Execution Environment provides the core webservice component of DotGNU and provides the functionality of accepting, validating and satisfying web service requests.

The DGEE integrates the components on the web service execution path, including network servers, protocols, virtual machines and security mechanisms into a unified application.

In its basic form the DGEE allows the installation and removal of web services within the repository, accepts XML-RPC requests for these web services and generates browsable documentation for these web services in HTML and XML form.

The DGEE is inherited and extended by projects such as the SEE and VRS.  These too are execution environments and share the DGEE architecture at heart, however they introduce additional features such as the concept of distributed execution, distributed storage and distinct ownership of web services.

Registration Date: Fri 03 Jan 2003 06:50:11 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: ? - Orphaned/Unmaintained


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DGEE 0.1.6 Released
     posted by csmith, Thu 30 Oct 2003 06:43:02 PM UTC

Thg DotGNU Execution Environment 0.1.6  features a streamlined caching portable.Net VM (execution container), a completely rewritten XmlRpc implementation and client proxy support.  Internal database hooks to support future DGEE administration and control structures, including webservice application and session state.  Stability has been greatly [...]

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