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Name: failmalloc
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Welcome to failmalloc. This software generates a shared library
which can be loaded by LD_PRELOAD or linked at compilation time.

The idea behind failmalloc is to <em>demonstrate what really happens
if memory allocation fails</em>. Unfortunately, most programs in this
world are not robust, mostly because programmers are careless,
but sometimes because programmers are too brave. Regardless of
whatever reasons, the most critical problem is in that there is no
good way to see such failures in reality, until a program is
deployed into a heavy production system. Clearly, this is too

Failmalloc addresses this problem. Failmalloc inserts hooks
into your program, which induces always, often or sometimes
failures of memory allocation calls. The functions <code>malloc</code>,
<code>realloc</code> and <code>memalign</code> are hooked, but other functions which
use one of these functions are also affected.

Registration Date: Thu 13 Jul 2006 08:57:24 PM UTC
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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