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System Name: fcrypt
Name: fcrypt
Group Type: non-GNU software and documentation

This project is not part of the GNU Project.

(Decommissioned.) fcrypt is a on-the-fly disk encryption software. After inserting the correct password (that you choice) its create a virtual device that allow you to setup a file system (e.g. with mkfs), do partitioning (e.g. with fdisk) and mount (e.g. with mount) as being a real hard disk.

The difference is that when you try to write something on this device, the data are transparently and automatically encrypted using the password that you inserted before. When reading, this data is automatically and transparently decrypted, respectively.

Its use a no-bootable fcrypt container. Its container allow you to create and remove volumes freely. With a practical way to create volumes inside another other( hidden volumes ). The existence of any volume should be deniable and should have no difference between a GNU fcrypt container and random data. Then you can, technically, deny the existence of the GNU fcrypt container itself.

GNU fcrypt should work on GNU/Linux and GNU (sometimes called GNU/Hurd) operating systems.

On GNU/Linux these GNU fcrypt virtual devices have the name: /dev/fcrypta, /dev/fcryptb, /dev/fcryptc ...

On GNU/Linux You can access then by-name and by-pid. On GNU/Hurd it is a translator.

Registration Date: Sun 30 Sep 2012 05:01:42 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 9 - Decommissioned


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