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This site will only offer old versions of FotoPreProcessor (FPP). Development continues at GitHub:


FPP is a PyQt4-based frontend for exiftool and allows to graphically edit the (EXIF) metadata of all images in a directory.

This involves changing picture orientation, picking GPS coordinates (pickable via embedded OpenStreetMap access), applying timezone correction, adding keywords and appending copyright notices.

All changes are recorded. Modification of the image files needs to be triggered by the user (File -> Apply changes...), allowing the user to preview the exiftool calls that will be made. If excution is approved, exiftool will be called, the images will be modified in-place and afterwards all files will be renamed according to timestamp and camera model (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS[-i]-CameraModel.EXT)

This program fits perfectly into the author's image processing workflow:

  1. copy images from camera storage medium
  2. make sure all bits got copied, backup raw footage, clear camera storage medium
  3. pre-process images by tagging/renaming
  4. select images for conversion/editing with UFRaw/GIMP


It is planned to add a settings dialog so that the user is able to customise presets. As of revision 10, this is done. In addition, FPP needs to be integrated into common Linux installations.

Dependencies (version FPP was tested with)

Python (2.7)
PyQt4 (4.9.1)
pytz (2012c)
exiftool (8.900.0)
file (5.11, not needed as of rev 9)
optional: The GIMP

Supported Operating Systems

Linux (tested with Gentoo Linux), although most parts should be portable.


This program was created because the author needed a frontend for exiftool. Existing solutions did not satisfy his needs.

FotoPreProcessor is distributed in the hope that it will help other people. In the end --after you have approved exiftool execution-- this program will alter your images!

So please be cautious! The author seeks perfection, but he cannot verify the program's behaviour due to the overwhelming number of possible platform configurations.

Having a (preferably read-only) backup of your raw footage is generally a good idea before starting to process your images.

Registration Date: Fri 10 Aug 2012 06:18:15 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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