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Registration Date: Wed 26 Oct 2016 08:53:02 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
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Hexoshi is now orphaned.
     posted by onpon4, Sat 03 Aug 2019 09:13:59 PM UTC

This is just an announcement to say that Hexoshi has been orphaned. I no longer have any intention of developing this game because it's uninspired garbage and adds very little to the gaming landscape, if anything at all.

Of course, since it's libre software, you're free to pick up and maintain it if you like. Please be aware, however, that [...]

Hexoshi Milestone 1 (0.2) Released
     posted by onpon4, Mon 26 Feb 2018 11:27:54 PM UTC

It's late, but it's finally here! Version 0.2 of Hexoshi, a.k.a. Milestone 1, has been released. You can download it here:

There currently isn't a 32-bit GNU/Linux build yet, since I wasn't able to set up a 32-bit virtual machine. I will correct this as soon as possible; in the meantime, 32-bit [...]

Cybernetic Revolt
     posted by onpon4, Tue 30 Jan 2018 12:23:18 AM UTC

In the last update, I noted that I was working on a system to make the Mantanoids (that's the main recurring enemy of the game) appear smarter.

Today, I did a round of work on Hexoshi, and I decided to scrap the system I had in mind because it just had too many problems and "what ifs". Instead, I've added adaptive machine learning to [...]

Nearing Completion
     posted by onpon4, Tue 16 Jan 2018 03:58:32 AM UTC

I must apologize in advance for how slow updates are coming. I honestly didn't realize it had been over two months since the previous update; time has just been going by so quickly what with the holidays and other things. In any case, I have some great news, which you may already know if you closely follow the Hexoshi Milestone 1 funds log bug, [...]

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