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NAUSEA is a programmable distributed 3D world simulator engine.

The most important feature of NAUSEA is its <b>programmability</b>: every aspect of the world <i>behavior</i> implemented in the server can be programmed by the user (the <i>world superuser</i>) in the powerful <b>Scheme</b> language, using an event-based model.

The world status is kept in a central <b>server</b> communicating with (possibly) multiple clients over TCP/IP sockets.

Clients can be either interactive or non-interactive:

<b>Interactive clients</b> forward user commands to the server and display the current world status with <b>realistic 3D graphics</b>. Interactive clients also provide a quite elaborate <b>2D interface</b>, play <b>music</b> and <b>sound effects</b>.</li>

<b>Non-interactive clients</b> are used to implement artificial intelligence in non-player characters.

A powerful <b>editor</b> with graphic interface allows editing both the world <b>data</b>, including object placement, and the world <b>metadata</b>, cosisting in the <i>behavior</i> of objects (expressed by Scheme procedures).

Some relatively simple utilities to manage archives and models are also provided.

The system is a <b>very high-level framework</b> to build games or simulations.

Registration Date: Thu 13 Oct 2005 06:03:58 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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     posted by positrone, Tue 03 Jan 2006 05:39:54 PM UTC

We uploaded LOGOS, the first NAUSEA example world, on CVS. The new CVS module nausea-examples will contain sample worlds.

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