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Rtty is "remote tty" (not radioteletype).  You run a server per port
and then connect to that server from any number of "tip"/"cu"-like
clients.  Paul Vixie wrote it for his console concentrator, but there's no reason other than performance why you couldn't use it to drive modems, printers, prom programmers, and so on.  It's 8-bit clean.

When you connect to the server from more than one client, all clients
will see the same session and all clients can type at and see output
from whatever device is attached to the tty port.  Typing at a device
when someone else is also typing at that device is confusing and more
than a little bit erie.

You will need a BSD-derived UNIX to use this, and you will need "termios" (the POSIX terminal interface).  (If "man termios" doesn't say something informative and useful, you are probably hosed.)  Ultrix and SunOS and AT&T V.4 all have what you need.  AT&T V.3 and non-Tahoe/Reno BSD are both lacking one thing or another.

Registration Date: Fri 04 May 2012 04:40:43 PM UTC
License: Other license - ISC License
Development Status: 6 - Mature


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