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Shaman-X project delivers WicthDoctor-WDX V0.2 to the community.

WitchDoctor-WDX, is a dedicated communication software between multi-vendor computers. WDX uses extremely strong algorithms across redundant networks and provides a distributed resource locking mechanism. WDX detects network failures and computer failures. WDX automates application failover over 2 to 16 networked computer groups. WDX interoperates over Linux, Unix, NT and VMS platforms, simple nodes or clustered ones.

A project is open to finalize Fault-finding WatchDog-FWDX:

Fault-finding WatchDog-FWDX, reproduces hardware watchdog bahavior. FWDX provides an exceptionnaly reliable diagnostic in real-time environments, across a specific cable, with no added device inside the computer. Failure detection time is less tan 500 ms !

Candidat products main capabilities under study are these ones for future releases:

- MathsDoctor-MDX, is the real-time distributed processor that calculates logical equations models which represent infrastructure situation.

- HealingDoctor-HDX, is the crisis situation management application, which prints reports for crisis management task force, and calculates equations sets to determin current seriousness level, potential degradation risks, and recovery strategic recommendations.

- DummyDoctor-DDX, is the simulation environment for HDX and MDX. DDX is used to train organisation staff, and replay records of previous situations as a black box analyser. DDX is the test bed to validate equations and models.

Registration Date: Mon 30 Jun 2003 06:59:18 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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