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Randomize file(s) / stdin...randomly shuffling x inputs to provide n lines of output.  If randomizing a file, file contents are replaced.  Initially developed to easily facilitate playing media files at random.

Common uses:

Randomize contents of series of files:
<ul><li>shuffle file1 file2 file3 --output=rnd_cat.txt</ul>

Create a random multimedia playlist:
<ul><li>find ~/. -name *.ogg | shuffle -o playlist.m3u</ul>

Randomize that playlist again:
<ul><li> shuffle playlist.m3u</ul>

Select a file at random:
<ul><li>ls | shuffle -h 1</ul>

Play a video at random:
<ul><li>mplayer "`ls .mpg .mpeg|shuffle -h 1`"</ul>

There is still some work to do, but in its current state it works "well enough". Shuffle is very much memory bound, and not quite yet optimized.  It's quick enough, but there are some gains yet to be made.

Registration Date: Sat 04 Jun 2005 11:33:19 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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