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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

ircbot written in perl, extensible through self-writable perl - modules using OO-techniques.

This IRC robot accompanies you on your favorite channels and obeys your commands.

Thought more as a toy, even if channel camping facilities and user managment are included, more coming:
the thing acts as a dog :D

You can teach him additional tricks.

Look at the homepage for more info.

Registration Date: Fri 22 Feb 2002 12:14:36 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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flood protections added
     posted by bboett, Mon 17 May 2004 11:03:02 PM UTC

necessity gives the motivation...
flood protection was added:
same phrase too often (regardless by whom)
same user types too fast

new release 2.45
     posted by bboett, Mon 17 May 2004 06:34:45 PM UTC

a new release was pushed up the servers, some bugs corrected (as found...) main change addition of the automode, changes the mode of an entering user to some default if nothing else was found

roulette modules enters stable
     posted by bboett, Wed 03 Mar 2004 06:05:14 PM UTC

the roulette module went into stable prod

new roulette module
     posted by bboett, Tue 02 Mar 2004 09:24:47 AM UTC

a module for playing roulette with the bot will be added shortly, at the moment it lacks havily english messages, could need a translator for that one...

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