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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Should be Finished on
 #9533 Revise the foot Text Need Info nicalvaro 2009-12-05
 #9500 [BUG]: Too much empty space: Right Empty for Widescreen None None 2010-06-21
 #9492 [BUG]: Foot overflowed None None 2010-06-17
 #9489 [Navigation Changes]: offer type bar None None 2010-06-17
 #9488 [Navigation Changes]: replacing all offer tables with a single table None davi 2010-06-17
 #9401 [BUG]: Render page-bottom: Konqueror 3.5 and Opera 9 None None 2010-05-19
 #9352 Skill administrators optimization None None 2010-05-01
 #9350 [BUG]: Uploading photo-or-logo shows error: "Can not save the uploaded file!" None davi 2010-05-01
 #9349 [BUG]: Opera does not always render rightly photo-or-logos Postponed None 2011-04-30
 #9318 RMS' feedback Stalled davi 2009-07-01
 #9317 Matt Lee's feedback In Progress davi 2009-07-01
 #9179 Automatically collect organization's qualifications None None 2010-03-11
 #9156 Improve donation-plege-group feedback None None 2010-03-04
 #9114 Equal Opportunity Employer None None 2010-02-11
 #8918 Debian vs Gentoo vs gNewSense vs CentOS vs ... for production and development Postponed None 2009-12-13
 #8889 Revert the use of ob_end_clean() and ob_start() if it is not needed None gluegadget 2008-12-02
 #8882 Propose and discuss to be part of The GNU Project Postponed None 2010-12-31
 #8797 There are notes at the PHP source code tagged with 'TODO' None None 2009-10-25
 #8273 [Security]: encrypt emails when it is possible None nicalvaro 2009-06-14
 #8225 [Security]: log-in history feedback None None 2009-06-02
 #8188 Analyze if we must redesign or apply some fix to the GNU Herds Charter draft None None 2009-05-26
 #8187 Charter for GNU Herds (draft) -- capitalisation is inconsistent None None 2010-05-26
 #8183 Style of prose in the Charter draft fluctuates between very formal, almost legalese and more informal None None 2009-05-25
 #7927 Usability: date input -- Is there a better way to fill-input dates? None None 2009-04-06
 #7926 Usability: date input -- Use date fields only if date are actually needed? None None 2009-04-06
 #7820 Savannah + Herds None None 2011-03-03
 #7819 Herds -- federated sites None None 2009-03-03
 #7803 Themes / skins None None 2009-02-23
 #7776 Improve the JobOffer and Qualifications subsections organization None None 2008-03-17
 #7707 [New feature]: Filter and/or sort applicants according to the match with the skills exposed at the offer None None 2009-01-24
 #7640 file upload field (.odt) Postponed None 2009-01-06
 #7639 Include a wiki-style field where users can information about themselves Postponed None 2009-01-06
 #7638 Be able to include some free text prose about myself Postponed None 2009-01-06
 #7637 Add new field: "Other comments/Description" Postponed None 2008-10-06
 #7594 Add structure to the database skillset Postponed None 2009-12-30
 #7558 Make it easier the input of countries and nationalities -- Do not use long ComboBox lists None None 2008-12-26
 #7518 Make it easier to report any skills classification mistakes None None 2008-12-09
 #7512 Allow users to select their own default theme Postponed None 2008-12-06
 #7511 Highlight Free Software companies Postponed None 2009-12-06
 #7472 [BUG]: Sometimes the skills sort is changed when saved to the data base, mainly when new rows are inserted. Postponed davi 2008-11-10
 #7469 Black on white, with no formatting at all for links Postponed None 2008-11-09
 #7416 [JobOffer]: minimize the amount of reading necessary to understand the context None l0b0 2007-11-28
 #7415 Integrate or connect to a currency converter Postponed None 2009-10-28
 #7414 Make it easier the input of currencies, and more readable its output None None 2008-10-28
 #7413 Think about if the "language skills" management can or should be improved Postponed None 2009-10-28
 #7380 [BUG]: The skill-type 'Checks' (Free, Non-Free, etc.) are not being rightly showed to the webapp users at same cases None None 2009-12-13
 #7331 Add an automatic mechanism to renew membership reducing so bureaucracy None davi 2007-12-23
 #7326 Write the protocol to follow to classify new skills and audit and maintain the old ones In Progress davi 2008-01-22
 #7297 Write the guidelines to qualify/disqualify an entity (person, company or non-profit) to vote None None 2008-12-12
 #7279 Interact with new actors. In Progress None 2007-10-01

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