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Item ID Summary Status Assigned to down Submitted
#23431 In TwoLevelController demo, the function timeAdvReq is not work Need Info approx 2008-05-30
#44845 Invalid conversions of error msg to wstring Fixed bussenot 2015-04-15
#53592 Mac OS Sierra: /Users/xxx/certi/libHLA/SemaphorePosix.hh:5:10: fatal error: 'features.h' file not found Fixed cardoso 2018-04-09
#53878 Connection RTIA failed Fixed cardoso 2018-05-11
#55592 Open a branch for test problems found using Ptolemy Need Info cardoso 2019-01-28
#55543 CERTI_USE_NULL_PRIME_MESSAGE_PROTOCOL causes federation to stall In Progress cmichel 2019-01-22
#47662 Compilation/linking broken on recent version of Ubuntu/GCC Fixed cvannier 2016-04-11
#51133 Registering Objects Inefficient Fixed cvannier 2017-05-29
#51496 Inconsistent install of RTI1516fedTime.h for ieee1516-2010 Fixed cvannier 2017-07-18
#27595 Late arriving federate (re)starts federation from timestamp 0 In Progress erk 2009-10-04
#19869 registerObjectInstanceWithRegion BUG erk 2007-05-13
#24545 Implement a clean polymorphic Socket subclasses usage In Progress erk 2008-10-13
#24636 rtig securityserver null pointer derefeneciation In Progress erk 2008-10-23
#24891 When running test with CTest or make test a previous make install is needed erk 2008-11-20
#25497 NextEventRequest to a timestamp smaller than last grant time + lookahead Fixed erk 2009-02-05
#29032 Multiple Register Federation Synchronization Point not handled properly In Progress erk 2010-03-01
#29453 No implementation for startRegistrationForObjectClass in the file RTIA_network.cc Wont Fix erk 2010-04-06
#30349 RTIA (RTIA_network.cc) does not handle some message (NM_Register_Federation_Synchronization_Point) sent by RTIG. Ready For Test erk 2010-07-05
#31521 Failure when launching rtig from $HOME/CERTI/bin Need Info erk 2010-11-02
#34016 Resign then reconnect failure Wont Fix erk 2011-08-14
#34291 Unresolved DLL dependencies can cause RTIA Need Info erk 2011-09-14
#35554 Resign federate after it crashes Need Info erk 2012-02-17
#35719 Attributes published by no-one will be requested by requestObjectAttributeValueUpdate() Fixed erk 2012-03-05
#40936 Unsubscribed federate misses object deletions and does not release names Need Info erk 2013-12-17
#44618 cmake stuff does not detect properly the python version for python 3.4 Fixed erk 2015-03-24
#44635 Ownership acquisition messages can have extra 0 attribute handles Fixed erk 2015-03-26
#44685 Incorrect build of extension on MacOSX Fixed erk 2015-04-01
#46472 MSVC 14 (VS 2015) complains about ostream << ostream func(ostream) erk 2015-11-18
#46474 CertiCheckXML fails on Linking Ready For Test erk 2015-11-19
#24753 Make CERTI SISO DLC HLA 1.3 compliant or DLC with other RTI Confirmed gotthardp 2008-11-05
#24854 Protocol compatibility checks In Progress gotthardp 2008-11-17
#24904 Wrong shared library versioning In Progress gotthardp 2008-11-22
#30793 Modify Lookahead service does not modify lookahead gradually Need Info jb_ch 2010-08-17
#32635 wrong order type value is provided to callback function Need Info jb_ch 2011-03-01
#34922 Zero-Lookahead Deadlocks In Progress jb_ch 2011-11-28
#37204 NextEventRequestAvailable and wrong LBTS Fixed jb_ch 2012-08-27
#44585 I wonder to MatlabHLa_Toolbox working in windows 7 environment Wont Fix jb_ch 2015-03-20
#44778 Federate still receives UAV after resigning In Progress jb_ch 2015-04-08
#45361 TAG and transient message Fixed jb_ch 2015-06-20
#45647 I have a few questions for rti.cpp of MatlabHLA_Toolbox Wont Fix jb_ch 2015-07-29
#47597 Incorrect Setting of the Shm_Sem_Type in Main_SocketSHM.cc Fixed jb_ch 2016-04-01
#47598 Segmentation fault when running Posix Ring Buffer on CertiProcessus_A/B Fixed jb_ch 2016-04-01
#47630 JCerti RTIAmbassador's sendInteraction method does not make use of LogicalTime input parameter Need Info jb_ch 2016-04-06
#48264 Build fails with Visual Studio 2015 Need Info jb_ch 2016-06-18
#49986 requestAttributeOwnershipRelease followed by negotiatedAttributeOwnershipDivestiture crashes rtig Need Info jb_ch 2017-01-05
#50421 Jcerti case cannot work Invalid jb_ch 2017-02-28
#50432 Conflcts of calling certi.properties Invalid jb_ch 2017-03-02
#50625 [3.5.1]request successed but FederateNotExecutionMember excption throws Invalid jb_ch 2017-03-24
#52419 CmakeLists.txt typo mistake cause Windows Compilation error Fixed jb_ch 2017-11-16
#52665 Error in Send interactions Handling which generate timing violation Fixed jb_ch 2017-12-14

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