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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #31017 automate stdio session does not see external db changes None None 2010-09-11
 #31011 either warn about rcfiles in automate stdio, or execute them None None 2010-09-10
 #30297 mtn add --unknown does not recurse into unknown directories None None 2010-06-29
 #30065 MAXPATHLEN breaks builds on GNU/Hurd None None 2010-06-07
 #29849 add --move-conflicting-paths to revert None None 2010-05-10
 #29835 'update -b' fails where 'update -r h:b' succeeds None None 2010-05-09
 #29310 Currently impossible to escape from multi-parent workspace None None 2010-03-23
 #28789 Cached workspace files between consecutive executed workspace commands None None 2010-02-01
 #28140 ViewMTN does not always show file contents None None 2009-12-01
 #25859 disapprove does not resurrect files properly None None 2009-03-14
 #24258 Missing Documentation For Extra mtn automate content_diff Options None None 2008-09-14
 #22914 make on OpenBSD 4.0 exits: Don't know how to make TXT2CFLAGS (make line 8849) None None 2008-04-14
 #22417 fatal botan error if unreadable files are encountered in a workspace None None 2008-02-26
 #21870 "mtn status" prints garbled characters. None None 2007-12-22
 #21569 3 way merge by kdiff3 None None 2007-11-13
 #21469 Invariant 'fetching nonexistent entry from children' violated None None 2007-10-30
 #21115 A "revision bundle" to send upstream when you lack push permissions None None 2007-09-18
 #20477 mtn gives emacs unix directory separators on windows None None 2007-07-13
 #20309 When the left and right descendants contain the same change, merge into ancestor None None 2007-07-01
 #20275 mtn refresh_inodeprints None None 2007-06-27
 #20125 mtn crashes on diff operation None None 2007-06-08
 #19610 ls missing and ls unknown do not list file/directory discrepancies None None 2007-04-16
 #19527 add export/import for ssh public key format None None 2007-04-05
 #19518 pick a single command for automatable db upgrades, and stick to it None None 2007-04-05
 #19188 mtn-0.32 fails incorrectly in mtn-0.33 multi-parented workspace None None 2007-03-03
 #18795 mtn will not create directory upon renaming None None 2007-01-16
 #18473 Make output of mtn revert FOO more verbose None None 2006-12-06
 #18434 doc: clarification needed - list of built-in attribute keys None None 2006-12-01
 #18317 Local tags None None 2006-11-17
 #18214 Clobber merge None None 2006-11-06
 #18125 'mtn update' is not atomic; leaves workspace in a corrupted state on error None None 2006-10-26
 #17801 crash when running 'regenerate_rosters' on NetBSD src and pkgsrc repositories. Remind None 2006-09-19
 #17209 require some extra switch to add very large files None None 2006-07-26
 #17159 doc: clarification needed - action of manual merge on abort None None 2006-07-20
 #17157 mtn pivot_root -- needs clarification None None 2006-07-20
 #17093 better docs on the mental model for the workspace None None 2006-07-13
 #17045 Make pluck store metadata about original author and rev None None 2006-07-06
 #16924 Feature request: `mtn copy` None None 2006-06-23
 #16790 SSL for confidentiality (and perhaps authentication) None None 2006-06-08
 #16472 teach the server to run "db check" in the background None None 2006-04-30
 #16471 client should inform server if errors are detected None None 2006-04-30
 #16337 invariant 'I(utf8_validate(path))' violated None None 2006-04-13
 #16321 some working copy operations fail in a renamed directory None None 2006-04-11
 #16177 Daemonize Monotone None None 2006-03-24
 #16022 add a command to invoke the user's editor on MT/log None None 2006-03-06
 #16004 Can't start serve process: "Address family not supported by protocol" None None 2006-03-05
 #15995 Expanded automate command set None None 2006-03-04
 #15985 make merge tool selection saner None None 2006-03-04
 #15896 "this server is down for maintainence" None None 2006-02-25
 #15759 merge command crash causes loss of data None None 2006-02-15

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