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Adonthell 0.3.3 released

Item posted by Alexandre Courbot <gnurou> on Mon 30 Sep 2002 07:51:54 PM UTC.

Version 0.3.3 of Adonthell is out. With it comes Waste's Edge, the first in a series of mini RPGs to test our engine and to introduce our game world.

We're putting as much effort into this world and its background as we put into actual coding and game design. The first fruits of these efforts can be viewed in our library (

As you can imagine, we're constantly looking for writers, artists and programmers. More information is available at (

The most notable changes over 0.3.2 include

  • NLS support (no translations available yet - hint, hint)
  • Doublesize (640x480) mode
  • Huge speed improvements
  • Bugfixes for big endian machines (no more psychedelic gfx though)

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