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Preliminary version of GNU/OSF Mach posted by pbruin, Fri 19 Sep 2003 09:00:27 PM UTC
First release of gnu-osfmig posted by jemarch, Tue 26 Aug 2003 09:40:02 AM UTC
Split on three subprojects posted by jemarch, Mon 25 Aug 2003 11:30:18 AM UTC - 1 reply

Split on three subprojects

Item posted by Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch> on Mon 25 Aug 2003 11:30:18 AM UTC.

The project has been split on three different subprojects:

- oskit work

  Porting the oskit to PPC. Some work on libkern is in progress.

- osfmk work

  Prepare osfmk to work on modern ppc machines as the macintosh, and
  for the integration with OSkit.

- hurd/glibc work

  Prepare the Hurd to work on osfmk. Some work by Peter Bruin is
  already available.

Feedback, please! (posted by Jose E. Marchesi, Tue 26 Aug 2003 09:43:15 AM UTC)

Would be very good to have some feedback about the proposed
partition before follow it.

Do you think it is a good idea? Why? Why not?



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