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[Announcement] util-vserver 0.28

Item posted by Enrico Scholz <ensc> on Thu 29 Jan 2004 10:28:20 AM UTC.


I uploaded version 0.28 of util-vserver to

Its changes are

- BUGFIX: fixed context creation when both fakeinit-flag and a
static context is wanted; previous versions ignored the fakeinit
flag in this situation

- BUGFIX: vserver-copy: autodetect mktemp/tempfile (reported by

- FEATURE: allow to override start/stop commands of vservers
(patch by Erik Smit)

- BUGFIX: call 'chkconfig' to fix initscripts after generating
the configuration (reported by DUCLOS Andre)

- call programs with 'exec' on vserver's 'suexec' command (patch
by Alec Thomas)

- improved e2fsprogs header detection

- API-CHANGE: removed argument from vc_get_version() since the
only supported category is VC_CAT_COMPAT



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