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New release: MLDonkey 2.6.0

Item posted by spiralvoice <spiralvoice> on Tue Jul 19 23:04:11 2005.

The version number change sounds bigger than the real new stuff in this release.
But nevertheless some nice patches emerged, the version number bump is mainly to be compatible with eMule numbering which allows only three numbers of which the last one can only be between 0 and 7.

Here the most important stuff from the Changelog:

Solve memory leak in Overnet/Kademlia
EDK: Files copied to incoming dir for sharing do not appear in upstats after hashing
HTML: Add Multiline File Information in search results
EDK: Re-enable source exchange with eMule clients
Gdstats: Fix corrupted pics output/improved output
EDK: Parse and display version numbers

As always full changelog can be found here :


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