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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Should be Finished on
 #12622 saved searches with email notifications None None 2013-05-19
 #11919 support https (torrent files and announces) None None 2012-03-16
 #11489 Incremental scan of shared files None None -
 #11454 provide an option to change the root url for WebUI Ready For Test ygrek 2011-10-19
 #11383 WebUI: upload local torrent file None None 2011-09-26
 #10952 pause uploads None None 2011-02-23
 #10951 make_torrent should choose piece size dynamically None None 2011-02-23
 #10950 use dynlink for optional features None ygrek 2011-02-23
 #10862 Possibility to change announce interval None None 2011-01-09
 #10859 refactor api None None 2011-01-06
 #10858 build system: link against installed ocaml libs None None 2011-01-06
 #10857 sumbit patches to bundled libs upstream None None 2011-01-06
 #10698 Parameters has (restrictions apply) of search does not work for in the DirectConnect plug-in None None 2010-10-13
 #10642 Search through a Web interface to my files shared & download to remote control computer None None 2010-09-26
 #9915 An 'offline mode' for MLdonkey None None -
 #9854 GUI should remember window state/size None None -
 #8709 remember for which column to sort by in the http interface after restarting mlnet None None -
 #8133 Please, let non-admin user get his own upstats None None -
 #7909 Users within the same non-admin group are allowed to control all the downloads belongs to the group None None -
 #7908 Ip blocking countries don't block servers None None -
 #7907 FEATURE REQUEST: Supporting anti-fake system, blocking IP by list and good multiuser None None -
 #7739 Cancelling finished, but not committed, files does not work None None 2008-02-03
 #7367 bttracker_proxy option None None 2007-12-07
 #7259 CanĀ“t handle Overnet and Kademlia options None None -
 #6498 Allow user identification versus pam/Kerberos servers. Postponed None 2007-02-06
 #6396 EDK: Implement AICH support In Progress None 2010-01-16
 #6385 verify_chunks is not threaded None None 2007-01-14
 #6256 Remote downloading and deletion of committed files None None 2006-12-16
 #6083 FileTP: Remove HEAD request method None None -
 #6080 BT: implement recover_temp None None -
 #6008 Share files only on some networks, implement shared_directories.networks option None None 2006-10-22
 #5906 Fix emulate_sparsefiles for EDK network, enable it for all others None None 2006-09-15
 #5876 Reassigned item: BT: when firewalled: seeded files are not uploaded None None -
 #5788 More concurrent downloads from 1 site(source) None None 2006-08-08
 #5695 Reassigned item: Reassigned item: Advertise MLdonkey server core via Zeroconf (aka Bonjour AKA Rendezvous AKA mDNS) None None -
 #5680 Reassigned item: EDK: Use one UDP port per search None None -
 #5679 Reassigned item: P/R/C column is non-standard/confusing None None -
 #5648 Reassigned item: better mldonkey_submit None None -
 #5600 Reassigned item: BT Feature Request: automatic torrent download from RSS feeds None None 2006-09-10
 #5472 Categories/metadata for downloads None None 2006-04-21
 #5402 Attach ed2k elinks to bittorrent files None None 2006-04-13
 #5382 un-hardcode webgui None None 2006-04-06
 #5275 Implement ED2K-reliable_sources None None 2006-03-05
 #5274 Implement working TCP Proxy support None None 2006-03-05
 #5041 BT: Add a ratio for each file None None 2005-12-12
 #4749 xslt for transforming some external input into some xml that can be easily parsed None None 2005-10-05
 #4630 MS Windows Links Submitter None None 2005-09-09
 #4613 News server plugin None None 2005-09-04
 #4595 BT: Set priority upload to a tracker None None 2005-09-01
 #4594 BT: max_sources_per_file None None 2005-09-01

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