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Release 0.5

Item posted by Mikalai Birukou <mbirukou> on Mon Apr 24 18:49:02 2006.

When installing TwinLisp now, you get two executable files: tlisp and tclisp.
tlisp existed before. It can be used for non-interactive purposes and as interactive interpreter. But tlisp's interpreter is limited.
tclisp is on another hand is a full interpreter with a debugger, stepper, etc. tclisp file is nothing but "/.../clisp -i /.../clisp-pluggin.lisp". So, all of the features in interpreter are those of Clisp. Pluggin just makes Clisp to read TwinLisp code.
Another change is that common lisp code should be enclosed between #t{ and #t} . And a twinlisp code can now be included in common lisp code into the same openning and closing statements. So, now clisp and tlisp code can be inserted into each other without any problem.


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