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New Features!

Item posted by Matthew Warren <matthewwarren> on Fri 15 Dec 2006 02:07:38 PM UTC.

With the GUI some new stuff has been implemented;

  • red/amber/green status indicators on entity output tabs. Any Entity that currently has alerts raised against it will show 'red' etc..
  • [[1..10,15,29,30..39]] notation for generating multiple commands
  • FC scripts can now be executed against an entity if it passes or fails an alert check. (New options on define alert pass_script and fail_script, default to NoScript)
  • the substitution ~ALERT_ENTITY can be used in a pass or fail script to access then entity name that failed the alert.
  • Visual 'overall alert status' indicator. CLI ctrl will now turn pink to indicate an unhandled alert.
  • Codebase refactored. FatController now exists as an extended wxPython Frame.

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