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OpenEXR 1.5.0 Released

Item posted by Florian Kainz <fkainz> on Sat Dec 16 01:51:33 2006.

December 15, 2006 - a new development version of OpenEXR is now available.
We have tested the code in this version internally at ILM, but we would
like to get feedback from others before we release a production version.

The new version includes several significant changes:

- OpenEXR supports a new image compression method, called B44. It has
a fixed compression rate of 2.28:1, or 4.57:1 if used in combination
with luminance/chroma encoding. B44-compressed images can be
uncompressed fast enough to support real-time playback of image

- The new playexr program plays back moving image sequences. Playexr
is multi-threaded and utilizes the threading capabilities of the IlmImf
library that were introduced in OpenEXR 1.3.0. The program plays back
B44-compressed images with fairly high-resolution in real time on
commodity hardware.

- The playexr program and a new version of the existing exrdisplay image
viewer both support color rendering via color transforms written in
the new Color Transformation Language or CTL.

CTL is not part of OpenEXR; it will be released separately.

CTL support in playexr and exrdisplay is optional; the programs can
be built and will run without CTL.

- In preparation for the release of CTL, OpenEXR has been split into
three separate packages:

- IlmBase 0.9.0 includes the Half, Iex, Imath and IlmThread libraries

- OpenEXR 1.5.0 includes the IlmImf library, programming examples
and utility programs such as exrheader or exrenvmap

- OpenEXRViewers 0.9.0 includes the playexr and exrdisplay programs

- The "Technical Introduction to OpenEXR" document now includes a
recommendation for storing CIE XYZ pixel data in OpenEXR files.

- A new "OpenEXR Image Viewing Software" document describes the
playexr and exrdisplay programs. It briefly explains real-time
playback and color rendering, and includes recommendations for
testing if other image viewing software displays OpenEXR images

- The OpenEXR sample image set now includes B44-compressed files and
files with CIE XYZ pixel data.


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