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version 0.11.1 released

Item posted by Jean Bréfort <jean_brefort> on Wed Mar 25 13:20:06 2009.

This is the second development release leading to the future stable 0.12 branch. Main news are:


  • More reimplementation using the new canvas. Texts now partially work.

Gnumeric plugin:

  • New plugin, adds a molarmass function in gnumeric.


  • Import space groups support from OpenBabel.


  • The CML loader plugin now works, at least for 2d structures.

In this release GChemPaint is still very unstable with lots of regressions when compared to the current 0.10 branch. DO NOT USE IT if you don't want to loose your data.

The gnumeric plugin is a demonstrator and will not compile out of the box because of a bug in libspreadsheet-0.10.pc, see for more information. Adding other functions to this plugin would be quite easy if needed.

There are also two new tool buttons (for curved arrows) but the tools are not yet implemented. They are just used to test a new API relative to cursor change according to the underlying object.


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