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GNU Bazaar repository uploaded

Item posted by Enrique D. Bosch <presi> on Thu May 28 23:37:10 2009.

After release 0.10 I switched from GNU Arch to GNU Bazaar as source control system. And now Savannah includes support for GNU Bazaar repositories so I have uploaded it.

At the moment there are three branches of development:

- main: bug fixes and minor improvements
- mud: adds new protocol module for connecting to MUDs as a client
- text-server: adds new protocol module that makes rebot a TCP/telnet/MUD server itself (by Sarganar)

To get a copy of each branch you can do:

bzr branch
bzr branch
bzr branch

Or you can browse the sources and logs of changes:

The repository is cryptographically signed, you can verify it with my public key, don't worry about a mismatch between key address and commiter address (it was masked to avoid spam), it's the same person: me! ;)


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