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flvstreamer 1.8d released. 'streams' utility now ported.

Item posted by fsck <fsck> on Fri 10 Jul 2009 08:51:23 PM UTC.

A new minor release of flvstreamer has been released today.

1.8d change Summary (since 1.8b):

flvstreamer will now display useful FLV stream meta-data when it starts to stream.

The 'streams' utility which allows you to point an http client to stream rtmp now compiles cleanly on Linux and probably on most unix OSes (but not on win32).

Added --stop <secs> and --start <secs> options to specify absolute start and stop offset timestamps for a stream. Note that some streams don't have timestamps and therefore seem to ignore the --stop.

The --stop option can be used to specify the duration of live streaming.

Progress additionally displays timestamp in seconds.

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