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Version 3.3.3 released

Item posted by Winfried Brügmann <brueg> on Wed 15 Aug 2018 06:09:58 PM UTC.

1) generic changes/fixes

  • fix recursion synchronizing compare set while adding curve to compare set
  • handle device base directory by interface method to enable device specific directories
  • enhance calculation of synched scale label
  • Reduce DataExplorer startup duration
  • Ask user for confirmation prior to purging an object key
  • fix channel object key handling, channels of type outlet (chargers) might have different object key, update object selector accordingly
  • fix unsaved reason entry for changed comment
  • fix regression renaming object key scenario

2) device specific changes/fixes

  • HoTTAdapter* - fix 19200 Baud protocol live data, skip Rx query while other sensors detected, Rx data in sensor data contained
  • HoTTAdapter* - add file selection hint for .bin;.log
  • HoTTAdapter2 - fix statistics calculation while capacity doesn't start at zero
  • S32 - fix factor to correct external temperatures
  • S32_2 - initial release for S32 as version 2 displaying all measurement values on a single time line
  • S32 - fix measurement synchronization references (need device XML replacement)
  • S32 - fix external temperature factor according customer feedback
  • Ultramat* single channel charger - fix possible NullPointerException
  • OpenTx-Telemetry - fix potential exception, add some more mapping parameter, enable visualization control and help
  • OpenTx-Telemetry - split log according time entries into separate record sets
  • Futaba-Telemetry - fix parsing exception "---", enable visualization control and help
  • Futaba-Telemetry - fix EOFException saving OSD with record set different real size
  • Hitec X1 Red - add initial support (alpha)
  • WSTech DataVario - replace German description with supposed key
  • UltraDuoPlus* - refine object key selection by memory name

3) history analysis

  • Enhance UI

>> Add support for triggered values (e.g. motor runtime height)
>> Add refresh menu item and shortcut
>> Add object key wizard (if accessing new directories)
>> Remove MessageBox "No log files"
>> Enhance toggling 'Smart values' by preserving the user selections
>> Fix importing from histo table with reversed x axis opens wrong file
>> Fix InvalidPathException@_SupplementObjectDirs
>> Fix wrong decimal places if switching from histo graphics to histo table

  • Remove searching in the current import path (is obsolete due to remote log file support)
  • Enhance performance

>> Memory cache for aggregated histo data
>> Optimized directory scans for graphics refresh
>> Avoid multiple vault re-reading from the source log files
>> Code optimizations to avoid materialization
>> Remove syncing slave records for incomplete master records
>> Avoid multiple sha1 hashing
>> Remove method synchronizing keyword for methods not used in threads
  * Support new file extensions separator

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