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Objectify Alpha_30.8 Released

Item posted by J. Scott Edwards <jsedwards> on Thu 01 Jul 2010 03:51:54 AM UTC.

I have uploaded the Objectify Alpha_30.8 release. This release has a few bug fixes and a slight modification to the file-export program.

I also added a new program fisher-yates that generates random swizzle tables using the Fisher-Yates algorithm.  It is only for testing at this point.

The file-export program was modified so that it won't overwrite an existing file.

Bug Fixes:

#2433663 - changed to print the path when mkdir fails when creating log file instead of passing the pointer to the null.

#29450 - somtimes the first time a long pass phrase is entered it would cut off and spew an error.

#30245 - changed archive-sync to have separate indexes into the source and destination archive's chunk info tables when checking after sync'ing.  This allows the source archive to have empty chunks that don't exist in the destination archive.


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