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Tlf-0.9.4 adds band info output on parallel port
     posted by pa0rct, Mon Oct 27 22:28:40 2003 - 0 replies

The upload of version tlf-0.9.4 is ready at the download page. You only need it if you want to use the parallel port for coding band output to switch antennas, filters etc.

73, Rein PA0R

Tlf-0.9.3 supports USB, and multiple config files...
     posted by pa0rct, Sun Oct 12 15:09:24 2003 - 0 replies

I just uploaded tlf-0.9.3

Main features are: USB support and the possibility to use a different config file for each operator...
I have also been able to include the latest feature requests. (Where else do you get this service? :-)

From the README: ...

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Tlf-0.9.2 released with adif export, bug fixes and new Multiplier capabilities..
     posted by pa0rct, Sun Oct 5 16:32:45 2003 - 0 replies

Thanks to Mitko, LZ3NY, tlf can now export the logfile in adif format, e.g. for use with LOTW, or for import into other loggers.

Furthermore, some bugs were fixed, including a nasty one for the cqww contest.

A few new Multipliers were added, to enable even more contests. ...

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Tlf-0.9.0 includes integrated contest voice keyer
     posted by pa0rct, Fri Jun 6 20:42:58 2003 - 0 replies

Tlf-0.9.0 now integrates a voice keyer, making use of the sox package.
Qso logic for phone is the same as for cw: you just say the call once and press ENTER twice...

Tlf-0.9.0 is a beta version, and test reports are highly appreciated!!

You find tlf-0.9.0 in the download area.

73, and happy testing...


Upload tlf-0.8.20 (hamlib-1.1.4 compatible)
     posted by pa0rct, Mon May 5 12:01:38 2003 - 0 replies

Tlf-0.8.20 adds a new multiplier (DX-&-SECTION) for use e.g. in the CQWW 160 meter contest (multiplier is W/VE state or CQDX country).

This version is compatible with hamlib-1.1.4, and can not be used with hamlib-1.1.3

Tlf can now be used ...

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Tlf-0.8.19 released including documentation update and cwdaemon_0.4
     posted by pa0rct, Sat Apr 19 14:40:43 2003 - 0 replies

Hi all,

just finished the update of the docs for tlf-0.8.19 with the new
flexible scoring system by LZ3NY... Also uploaded the new cwdaemon 0.4 with weight control... now sounds like a K2..



Wpx test version released
     posted by pa0rct, Tue Mar 4 23:57:05 2003 - 0 replies

Hi all,

just uploaded tlf-0.8.18, which fixes some bugs found during the PACC contest. (I made 1250 q's, which is 20% more than last year :)

I have tested the wpx on this version, and could not find a fault.
I fixed the CT compatible mode, which was broken after the B4 patch (enter key can now be switched from TRlog into CT mode :).

I would appreciate if some could do some testing before the wpx, so I have a last chance for fiing things up.

Tnx and 73's,


CVS checked in
     posted by pa0rct, Tue Feb 18 21:40:47 2003 - 0 replies

Tonite I did the initial checkin of the source files, as of version tlf-0.8.17


bug-fix release for arrdx: tlf-0.8.17
     posted by pa0rct, Tue Feb 18 15:27:38 2003 - 0 replies

Working the arrldx contest some bugs were found by Bob, N7XY.
version 0.8.17 contains the fixes:

- fixed bug in arrl_usa contest: scoring was broken

- fixed bug in arrl_usa contest: network scoring was broken

- fixed bug in arrl_usa contest: cabrillo file showed exchange twice

- fixed bug in getctydata: country of /QRP stations not recognized

The fact that P4 and 8S were not correctly recognized could not be replicated... possibly an error in ctydb.dat?

73, Rein PA0RCT

tlf-0.8.16 released
     posted by pa0rct, Mon Feb 17 15:07:37 2003 - 0 replies


- fixed the colors for the xplanet markerfile

- introduced "markers only" possibility for small azimuthal xplanet display

- introduced patch from LZ3NY (auto-B4 when hitting ENTER on a dupe).
if you don't want it set NOB4 in logcfg.dat. The b4 message must be in F7.

- fixed bug in searchlog which made P3A a dupe when you worked YP3A.

- changed all pictures in the manual to png format.

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