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New release 1.2.4
     posted by jtt, Sat 28 Jun 2014 09:02:07 PM UTC

The new release fixes a number of bugs and adds some new functionality.

New release 1.2.3
     posted by jtt, Wed 15 Jan 2014 03:38:54 PM UTC

This release fixes a bug in the xyplot widget.

New release 1.2.2
     posted by jtt, Tue 14 Jan 2014 05:49:54 PM UTC

This release fixes an issue with newer versions of Gnone, resulting in programs exiting prematurely.

New release 1.2.1
     posted by jtt, Sun 05 Jan 2014 02:48:47 PM UTC

Due to fixes for a newly detected bug in the xyplot widget and issues with support for very old programs (using a different coordinate system) a new release has been published.

New release 1.2.0
     posted by jtt, Thu 02 Jan 2014 08:14:48 PM UTC

Version 1.2.0 is a new stable release of the XForms library. While development has been concentrated on removal of bugs also a number of new features and improvements have been added. The documentation has also been updated.

Note: release numbers will in the future allow to distinguish stable and development versions, with even release numbers [...]

New release 1.0.93sp1
     posted by jtt, Tue 01 Jun 2010 09:11:30 PM UTC

A new stable release is out! It's mostly about bug fixes and improvements of the documentation. (Yes, there also was shortly a 1.0.93 release but one more bug was found and removed, and now it's 1.0.93sp1;-)

"service pack 2" for 1.0.92
     posted by jtt, Wed 04 Nov 2009 12:00:50 AM UTC

Another bug was found in the latest release and has been fixed, thus there's another "service pack" release 1.0.92sp2.

"service pack" for 1.0.92
     posted by jtt, Tue 22 Sep 2009 08:27:32 PM UTC

Unfortunately, there were still two bugs in the fdesign program of the new 1.0.92 release which were only found after the official release. Both bugs have been fixed in the "service pack" release 1.0.92sp1.

New release 1.0.92
     posted by jtt, Sun 20 Sep 2009 11:54:14 AM UTC

Here is the new release 1.0.92. While an important aspect was the removal of bugs also some new object types have been added. And the documentation is now again available in a format that allows to change it. Here's a short list of the most important changes: [...]

New homepage
     posted by jtt, Tue 25 Aug 2009 10:14:42 AM UTC

Beside this page, where the sources and repositories are hosted, there's now again also a homepage for XForms at

with more information about this project and the documentation in HTML format.

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