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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56093 Wrong constraint in pgmspace.h::pgm_get_far_address None None 2019-04-07
 #55703 Confusion in function descriptions None None 2019-02-13
 #54977 ATtiny4313 missing PCMSK0 None None 2018-11-06
 #54768 iox128a1u.h wrong NVM_CMD_READ_USER_SIG_ROW_gc value None None 2018-10-02
 #54652 Missing support for ATmega328PB None None 2018-09-12
 #54615 file iox256d3.h - ADC_CH_MUXNEG_PINx_gc wrong. None None 2018-09-03
 #53284 realloc() does not respect __freelist size for small allocations None None 2018-03-04
 #51255 Calculations in util/setbaud.h are incorrect None None 2017-06-17
 #51022 avr/wdt.h should support all of the modes of operation of the WDT None None 2017-05-14
 #50987 Not all registers need to be declared volatile None None 2017-05-09
 #50811 using -Wl,-u,vfprintf -lprintf_min causes program to grow a lot None None 2017-04-15
 #50800 example in avr/boot.h uses function from header not directly included None None 2017-04-13
 #50501 eeprom_update_byte() can reduce wear more None None 2017-03-09
 #50436 Example code in avr/sleep.h documentation should make use of util/atomic.h None None 2017-03-02
 #50270 Article "Problems with reordering code" misleading None None 2017-02-09
 #50017 Bad LCD4Linux link on demos page. Confirmed None 2017-01-10
 #49984 fabs missing from libm implementation. None None 2017-01-04
 #49972 avr/wdt: Fix support for atxmega devices None None 2017-01-02
 #49781 Definition incorrect in avr/iotnx5.h None None 2016-12-06
 #49688 wdt_enable() should get an entry on avr/wdt.h documentation page None None 2016-11-23
 #49577 Wrong WDTO definitions for AtXmega128A1U None None 2016-11-11
 #49567 Use meta-info from --print-multi-lib and --print-multi-directory None None 2016-11-09
 #49565 at43usb320 in wrong multilib set None None 2016-11-09
 #49150 Incorrect bit definitions in io90pwm3b.h Confirmed None 2016-09-21
 #48765 math.h: isfinite might generate wrong code due to early-clobber Confirmed None 2016-08-12
 #48480 missing definitions in iox128a1u.h, iox64a1u.h Confirmed None 2016-07-12
 #48473 FAQ: "How do I relocate code to a fixed address?" can be misleading None None 2016-07-11
 #47937 Incorrect "0" suffix in names of SPI registers and bits for ATmega324PA and ATmega164PA Confirmed None 2016-05-16
 #47922 avr/power.h missing support for ATtiny841/441 Confirmed None 2016-05-14
 #47318 Incorrect XRAMEND in iom128a.h None None 2016-03-01
 #45795 set_sleep_mode() and sleep_mode() lack function documentation None None 2015-08-19
 #45701 redundant stack initialization in crt1.o None None 2015-08-05
 #45698 memory sections documentation unclear or misleading None None 2015-08-05
 #45420 avr/wdt.h: Allow enabling watchdog in interrupt mode None None 2015-06-26
 #45304 Will it be possible please to add support and document all possible interrupts for ATmega16/32HVB & ATmega8/16HVA In Progress joerg_wunsch 2015-06-11
 #45185 inconsistent port bit definitions Confirmed None 2015-05-25
 #45151 #define _ASM_SFR_COMPAT 1 and #include <avr/power.h> results in build error None None 2015-05-20
 #45067 inconsistency & errors in crc.h documentation None None 2015-05-10
 #45033 stdio.h using "long long" in C90 mode. None None 2015-05-06
 #44994 example of printf("Hello, world!\n") in documentation is errenuous Need Info None 2015-05-02
 #44992 add some errno macros Need Info None 2015-05-02
 #44574 Place device-specific libraries in their multilib directory. Fixed pitchumani 2015-03-18
 #44520 time.h mentions a "best effort representation" but does not explain it None None 2015-03-12
 #44519 Use int64_t for time_t and an earlier epoch than 2000-01-01 00:00:00 None None 2015-03-12
 #44514 Wrong build option '-mtiny-stack' instead of '-msp8' Fixed saaadhu 2015-03-11
 #44327 eu_dst() is broken None None 2015-02-20
 #44306 Redundancy between rand_r() and do_rand() None None 2015-02-19
 #44140 wdt_disable() macro clobbers prescaller bits and can cause unexpected resets Fixed pitchumani 2015-01-31
 #44128 sprintf fails when printing floats and code is in flash address > 0xffff None None 2015-01-29
 #43261 symbols in documentation are getting their leading and trailing "__" stripped by doxygen None elderling 2014-09-19

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