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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55884 ft232r communication fails on programmed part if miso line toggles None None 2019-03-11
 #55734 USBtiny programming of ATmega328p broken by Patch #9278 None None 2019-02-18
 #55561 FTDI Bitbang not working None None 2019-01-24
 #55462 wrong programmer id check in jtag3_getsync() and jtag3_close() None None 2019-01-13
 #55144 cannot upload to arduino leonardo anymore with cosmic None None 2018-12-01
 #55123 Error in flashing / reading Eeprom on ATtiny45 under Windows None None 2018-11-28
 #55009 no efuses for m164a/pa None None 2018-11-12
 #54603 Error in `avrdude': corrupted size vs. prev_size None None 2018-08-31
 #54514 Control stk500 retry attempts None None 2018-08-15
 #54387 minor compiler warnings None None 2018-07-26
 #54289 attiny4/5/9/10 fuses reset option None None 2018-07-11
 #54159 Buffer overflow in usbtiny.c None None 2018-06-20
 #53839 ATtiny and Programmer running after download done Wont Fix None 2018-05-04
 #53745 ocdrev undocumented None None 2018-04-24
 #53703 FT232H based programmer returns all 0xFF when reading flash from atmega2560 None None 2018-04-19
 #53609 Avrdude verification error None None 2018-04-11
 #53279 Permission denied accessing /sys/class/gpio/gpioX/direction would leave pin exported None None 2018-03-03
 #53180 missing programmer or bad -P option argument doesn't result in error message None None 2018-02-17
 #53008 avrdude fails to read more than 440 bytes of EEPROM Need Info None 2018-01-29
 #52963 -U option with flash memory doesn't perform chip erase with arduino programmer Invalid joerg_wunsch 2018-01-23
 #52886 Incorrectly hardcoded fuse addresses in STK500v2 ISP mode None None 2018-01-14
 #52687 avrdude eeprom uploader always uploads 0xff if line terminator is LF not CRLF None None 2017-12-18
 #52653 device initialization often fails in FT232R syncbb mode, due to glitchy start sequence None None 2017-12-12
 #52645 (0xc000007b) with last windows update None None 2017-12-12
 #52318 Fuse progamming error None None 2017-10-31
 #51664 compare of unused efuse bits fail None None 2017-08-05
 #51629 avrdude.exe: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb" None None 2017-07-31
 #51614 BusPirate: Paged Read command returned zero. With m1284p flash. None None 2017-07-29
 #51497 avrdude not writing high byte using linuxgpio when data byte count is less than 0x10 None None 2017-07-18
 #51416 Bug when 'n' is typed after "Would you like this fuse to be changed back? [y/n] " None None 2017-07-08
 #51409 Can't program EFUSE on ATmega32M1 None None 2017-07-07
 #51320 0x00 written as 0xFF when byte count is less than 0x10 None None 2017-06-26
 #51117 Problems with extended address (>128K) and buffer size None None 2017-05-25
 #50777 aclocal fails with "couldn't open directory 'm4': No such file or directory" None None 2017-04-10
 #50701 Feature Request: reinstall erase/rewrite cycle counter None None 2017-04-02
 #50630 Erase Cycle Counter options ( -y -Y n ) should be removed from usage Message None None 2017-03-24
 #50517 Reading fails if "immediate mode" for output file format is selected - fileio: invalid operation=1 Invalid None 2017-03-12
 #50480 Add support of at*****A devices None None 2017-03-07
 #50410 Please add support for Atmega16U4 None None 2017-02-26
 #50350 EFuse high order 4 bits writes incorrectly. Fix attached. None None 2017-02-18
 #50338 avrdude 6.3 fails to set configuration when opening usb device Fixed None 2017-02-17
 #50261 JTAG1 unable to write fuse and lock bits None None 2017-02-09
 #50103 [windows 7] avrdude 6.3 doesn't exit cleanly and dialog "avrdude.exe has stopped working" pops up None None 2017-01-20
 #50087 option parse error: after -U flash:w:program_to_upload.hex, subsequent -V ignored Confirmed None 2017-01-19
 #49898 Config file error for many parts Duplicate None 2016-12-21
 #49881 programmer is out of sync on Raspberry Pi 3 None None 2016-12-18
 #49740 Bad EEPROM write on Linux 64 None None 2016-11-30
 #49450 Does not write integer to /sys/class/gpio/export None None 2016-10-26
 #49387 ATXmega32E5 Flash section address wrong None None 2016-10-19
 #49376 Resource busy error on El Capitan None None 2016-10-17

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