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 #56254 When “groff -me -Tps man_db.pp > man_db.ps” fails during $(make -C manual), then the file man_db.ps must be deleted Ready For Test cjwatson 2019-05-02
 #55731 cat files need metadata to determine whether they contain what the user has asked for None None 2019-02-17
 #55552 mandb returns lots of "failed to store entry for" warning messages Need Info None 2019-01-23
 #53708 "man -w" gets confused with a mix of page names and paths None None 2018-04-20
 #53050 `man man' documentation None None 2018-02-02
 #50324 Bump or remove MAXDIRS Ready For Test cjwatson 2017-02-16
 #49473 'man -Thtml' fails to generate embedded .png files None None 2016-10-29
 #48799 Support ./configure --without-db None None 2016-08-16
 #48663 Trivial typo in man1 man page None None 2016-07-31
 #48651 catman should support --no-hyphenation --no-justification too None None 2016-07-28
 #46925 'man-db' prints bogus characters and escape codes on some terminals None None 2016-01-18
 #43802 Add option to man_db.conf to specify subdirectories to search None None 2014-12-11
 #41867 Rendering error with man-db Need Info None 2014-03-14
 #37710 manual page redirections undocumented None None 2012-11-10
 #37663 man gives the error about locale Need Info None 2012-11-03
 #37608 man fron man-db package overstep RLIMIT_NPROC when run as root None None 2012-10-21
 #34811 BUG: whatis doesn't index Perl module manpage; PATCH included Need Info cjwatson 2011-11-12
 #32616 mandb --test should be runnable as non-root None None 2011-02-27
 #29083 Whishlist: pull summary from the FreeDesktop.org menu entries when a GUI program has no manpage. None None 2010-03-06
 #25648 groff/nroff argument redux None None 2009-02-19
 #24043 get_catpath() sometimes fails on uncommon locale specifiers (with patch) None None 2008-08-12
 #23962 mandb should create directories like makedir -pv None None 2008-07-29
 #23083 $MANWIDTH leads to ugly warnings. Ready For Test cjwatson 2008-04-28

        23 matching items - Items 1 to 23        

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