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CERTI 3.2.4 released

Item posted by Eric NOULARD <erk> on Fri 04 May 2007 11:43:38 AM UTC.

CERTI 3.2.4 is available for download:

This release includes mostly bug fixes and small improvements.

The non exhaustive list of bug fixes is:
 #19724-Core dump at the end of federation execution
 #19705-parameters in receiveInteraction
 #19192-RTIambassador::createFederationExecution ignores FED file parameter
 #18888-configure script does not check for x11-bitmaps header

Note that we did not manage to include/merge in ALL bug fixes
since last release but we keep bright eyes on open bugs
for future bug fix inclusion.

This release includes a first try for a CMake build
so that interested people may try:

1) tar zxvf certi-3.2.4.tar.gz
2) mkdir build_certi-3.2.4
3) cd build_certi-3.2.4
4) cmake ../certi-3.2.4
5) make && make install

CMake ( may help people who
want to try to port CERTI on the Windows platform.
(the build system is only the [small] part of the job).
The official CERTI build system remains the autotools but
we wanted to give CMake a try. The two build systems
will live side-by-side until we decide which is the
best for all CERTI users and developpers.

Using this CMake build I did release a first try
CERTI RPM for Fedora Core 6 which may be found
in beta directory:

Buggy 3.2.4 release (posted by Eric NOULARD, Fri 04 May 2007 02:15:26 PM UTC)

I did make a mistake in packaging CERTI 3.2.4
which prevent correct "make install".
I've just replaced the buggy package with a correct one
sorry for this mistake.



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