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New defrag 1.3

Item posted by Imre Leber <imre> on Sun 19 Aug 2007 03:07:22 PM UTC.

Well if you are still here, you have been waiting for a very very long time ;-)

A new version is out defrag version 1.3.

7 years in the making defrag now features 8 defragmentation methods.

Two new methods are now implemented especially for better FAT32 functionality:

- Quick try:

goes through the directory tree once and moves every fragmented file to a consecutive location if enough free space can be found

- Complete quick try:

because not enough free space may be available this method tries a little harder

These are fast methods of defragmentation and are safer then the other existing defragmentation methods. So these are recommended for every hard disk. For floppies unfragment only may be a little better. Because these methods may not have enough space, this results in data to be gathered over the space of the complete disk.

Because of there speed, these are the only methods that are still allowed for FAT32.

Further more the new version has been extensively tested. All known bugs have been fixed. Because defrag is a huge program with a large number of possibilities there may however still be something somewhere misbehaving, so make sure to make a backup first.

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