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1.3.0 released

Item posted by Kieran Mansley <kieranm> on Sun 23 Mar 2008 02:09:21 PM UTC.

I've tagged the tree for lwIP version 1.3.0 and prepared tar and zip files that should shortly appear in lwIP's download area:

There's a huge number of changes from 1.2.0 so please see the CHANGELOG file for details, and it's definitely worth the upgrade.  We have tried to get all the necessary API changes into this version, so future revisions should be much easier to port.

Many thanks to all the hard working lwIP developers for their time, and the lwIP users for reporting the bugs.

LPC2468 + FreeRTOS + lwIP (posted by bharath, Wed 03 Dec 2008 04:10:43 PM UTC)

 I am new to this group and new to TCP/IP, Presently I am working on LPC2468 microcontroller with FreeRTOS and LWIP Stack,
1. I compiled the code and it is bug free.
2. The code is workign partially.but the some reason the ethernet packet are not coming correctly. The data does not match the data sent. The packet length is incorrect,and CRC is failing. we are in the starting point.

Please any one clarify this problem why it is coming and tell me how to resolve the problem

with regards



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