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CERTI 3.3.0 release

Item posted by Eric NOULARD <erk> on Wed 02 Jul 2008 10:18:42 AM UTC.

CERTI 3.3.0 has been release and is available in
download area:

This release includes 36 bugs fixes,
and terminates 3 registereds tasks:
 #6911 Write a First Federate with CERTI tutorial     
 #6910 Handle heterogeneous federation
 #6891 Port CERTI on Windows

With this release CERTI now runs fine on
several platforms with several compiler/system
combination and this is the first release
to support heterogeneous simulation.
This means that RTIG and Federate (including their RTIA)
may run on heterogeneous platforms without trouble.

This release did add some missing feature like
the Time Constrained Time Regulation callbacks,

With the work of JYR there shouldn't be any limit
regarding the size of update that can be conveyed
by UAV/RAV besides hardware memory limits.

The remaining 30 or so bugs fixes greatly improve
CERTI robustness and usability.

CC List test (posted by Eric NOULARD, Mon 07 Jul 2008 09:15:41 AM UTC)

here comes the test



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