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SGE 0.16 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Tue 03 Feb 2015 02:55:12 PM UTC.

Version 0.16 of the SGE Game Engine is out, and it's got quite a few improvements, and removals. Most of this is a result of my work on the game I'm developing. Changes to this new release of the SGE include the following:

  • Added direct support for copying sprites, including a sge.Sprite.copy() method and support for the standard copy module. This was already possible in the past, but cumbersome to write.
  • Added support for creating sprites from text. Mainly added for the benefit of the new MenuItem widget added to xsge.gui, but can be useful for other things as well.
  • New methods added to sge.Sprite: mirror, flip, and rotate. These methods allow you to transform a sprite directly, rather than depending on the image_xscale, image_yscale, and image_rotation attributes of objects. (Actual scaling was already achievable by changing the size of the sprite.)
  • Alignment of text is now specified by the strings "left", "right", "center", "up", "down", and "middle", rather than special constants.
  • sge.Game.event_game_start and sge.Game.event_game_end have been removed. Both of these were superfluous, because you can just do what you would have done in them before and after anyway.
  • The xrepeat and yrepeat attributes of sge.BackgroundLayer have been changed to repeat_left, repeat_right, repeat_up, and repeat_down. This is much more flexible. Additionally, the default behavior is now to not repeat a background layer at all, rather than to repeat it in all directions.
  • sge.Room.start no longer restarts the room. It now does what sge.Room.resume used to do, and the latter has been removed. I decided to do this because I was facing a bug which was causing some kind of ghost objects to stay behind, and I realized that rather than trying to get room resetting to work properly, I could just get rid of the feature, because the same effect can be achieved easily enough by just creating a new room in the same way. See the updated for an example of how to do this.
  • sge.Game.start no longer has a secondary function of restarting the game. Just start; it has the same effect, more or less.
  • Several bugs in the Pygame SGE have been fixed.

Coinciding with this new release of the SGE is a new release of xSGE. Read more about it here:

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