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xSGE 0.6 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Tue 03 Feb 2015 02:34:48 PM UTC.

Coinciding with the new release of the SGE Game Engine is a new release of xSGE. Of course, this release of xSGE brings it up to date with version 0.16 of the SGE, but it also includes several improvements:

  • xsge.gui now supports joysticks, treated as an extension to the keyboard.
  • New MenuItem, MenuWindow, and MenuDialog classes have been added to xsge.gui, to facilitate the creation of keyboard-navigated menus. A new function, xsge.gui.get_menu_selection, allows you to easily create a MenuDialog object and get its chosen item.
  • xsge.gui has been polished, and keyboard navigation of widgets is much smoother. In particular, the topmost window is now automatically given keyboard focus if none of them already have it.
  • Methods in xsge.physics which check the presence of walls next to colliders now return a list of such walls, rather than just True or False. This is somewhat less efficient, but much more useful.
  • New module added! This simple module takes care of the details of how to use color blending to achieve lighting with a particular sprite. It even includes support for colored lighting, which is demonstrated in the new lighting example under the examples folder.

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