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SGE 0.17 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Fri 27 Mar 2015 01:48:42 AM UTC.

Apparently, it was only two months ago when version 0.16 of the SGE was released. Huh. It feels like it was a lot longer. At any rate, a new release is out. This release only includes three major changes, but they're quite significant.

The first major change is a bugfix in the Pygame SGE, which previously was caching several things permanently. This caused SGE games to slowly leech more and more RAM until either they started using swap, or crashed the system if, like me, you didn't have swap activated. The bug has been fixed by developing a system to prune the caches. (For the record, it was the cache of precise collision masks that was primarily responsible for the memory leeching, at least in Pacewar, though rotated images also played a significant role.)

The second major change is support for realistic acceleration and deceleration, based on kinematic equations. This is useful for delta timing, which is incompatible with basic acceleration that just adds or subtracts a value from the velocity variables.

And finally, the third major change is a replacement of the various directional collision events, with arguments to the collision event which indicate the direction of the collision. This allows handling of corner collisions (which are two directions at once) as a special case, instead of handling them as two separate collisions, which was causing a bug in reTux.

There is also a new release of xSGE coinciding with this new SGE release. To learn more, see:

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