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Project: Starfighter 1.3.3 Released (and a word about version 1.3.2)

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Wed 20 May 2015 03:47:36 PM UTC.

First, I'd like to make a note about version 1.3.2: shortly after I released version 1.3.1, Guus Sliepen noted that the makefile wasn't installing music files, so that release was just 1.3.1 with a fixed makefile. I don't remember if I forgot to announce this version, or just wasn't going to.

Now, onto the news: version 1.3.3 of Project: Starfighter has been released. You can download it here:

This release includes some substantial changes, most notably:

  • Fixed a long-standing bug with reddening ships, thanks to help from people on the SDL mailing list.
  • Removed messages that were printed when you took "shock" damage (from mines and Kline's shockwave missiles).
  • Music now pauses when you pause the game.
  • The game no longer automatically pauses when it loses keyboard focus.
  • "Original" difficulty now supplies you with twice the amount of money from pickups that you would normally get, to make up for the lack of money earned by destroying ships in version 1.2 and prior.
  • "Original" difficulty no longer allows you to move the camera in autoscrolling levels (to imitate the original behavior).
  • The infinite ammo cheat now works on the laser and charge cannon: it prevents the laser from heating up, and causes the charge cannon to shoot at full power immediately.
  • More code cleanup.

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