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ReTux 0.2 Released

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Wed 11 Nov 2015 01:16:27 AM UTC.

It's been a while since the initial ReTux alpha and the subsequent bugfix release. A lot has changed since then, so I think it's time for a new release, coinciding with the move of ReTux to Savannah!

The new release can be found on the new downloads page. The password to decrypt the archives is the same as the previous alpha releases.

One thing I forgot about when making this release: the readme still says that version 0.20 of the SGE Game Engine will work, but this is incorrect. Version 0.21 is now required, so please upgrade your SGE installations to that version; otherwise the game will crash on startup.

The most notable changes of ReTux 0.2 compared to ReTux 0.1.1 are:

  • Finished 13 more levels, which include the entirety of World 3 and the first level of World 4.

  • Added an intro cutscene, and a cutscene before each boss, showing the story. It's a simple one: a new king, the "Snow King", has taken charge of Icy Island, and is imposing a fish tax. Tux won't stand for the government taking his fish away, so he sets off to dethrone the Snow King!

  • Added a new run animation for Tux, traditionally animated by an artist named Connie Cartwright for $200.

Other changes include:

  • Added the credits screen. It is shown after the game is won (you can see this by playing the "test" levelset), or by selecting "Credits" from the main menu.

  • Ice bullets now kill snow enemies the same way fire flowers do; only the walking iceblock is completely immune.

  • Joystick handling has been improved, and support for analog control has been added.

  • Added the ability to quit the current level by pressing the Escape key. (Previously, this returned you to the title screen; it now takes you to the worldmap, if there is one.)

  • Objects left on moving platforms will now stay on them.

  • The speed of ice bullets has been increased.

  • Support for checkpoints has been added. Checkpoints are bells, just like in SuperTux, although invisible Super Mario Bros-style checkpoints are also supported. They are still not used in most ReTux levels, but they have been added to Concept Castle and are used in some of the newer levels which are unusually long.

  • Switched from the SuperTux Milestone 1 worldmap tiles to the Milestone 2 worldmap tiles. Worldmaps look much nicer as a result.

  • Added support for darkness in levels. This is unused and probably will remain unused in the normal ReTux levels, because the darkness and lighting effects are rather slow and I don't think they really add much. However, the effect can be seen in the Test level set, and it's something that can be used for user-made levels if desired.

  • Object warp spawns can now specify a limit to how many objects they will spawn at once. This is used in some levels to effectively guarantee the existence of an item without spawning too many at once.

  • An indicator of Tux's current horizontal position is now shown when Tux is off-screen (like in SuperTux Milestone 2).

  • Added "triggered moving platforms" -- moving platforms that only start moving when the player stands on them.

  • Timelines now support more possible things, including basic "if" statements and direct execution of Python code.

  • My work in the "data" is now all under the GNU GPL, rather than CC0. The main reason for this is because I can't justify acting as if timelines are not programs anymore, so I think they should be copylefted.

  • Added a new enemy, the "flying spiky".

  • Added a "Detect Joysticks" option to the Options menu, so you don't have to restart the game entirely when you plug in a new gamepad/joystick.

  • Added invincibility to the player during the victory sequence.

  • Several bugfixes.


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