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ReTux 0.3 Released

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Mon 28 Dec 2015 02:10:56 PM UTC.

Once again, it's time for another release. As before, it can be found in the downloads page. The password to decrypt the archives is the same as the previous alpha releases.

The most notable improvements to ReTux in this release are:

  • The graphics are now finished. Seams in tiles have been fixed, the rusty spring now looks much better, crate shards now appear when crates are broken, ice bullets now produce a "shatter" effect, and the flying spiky now has a proper "frozen" sprite.
  • Five more levels have been finished.
  • The bug in xsge_physics which caused slopes to not quite work right has been fixed, and this fixed version of xsge_physics is now included with ReTux.

Other changes include:

  • The SGE is now being included with ReTux, so that you only need to install Python and Pygame yourself.
  • Tux's facing is now preserved when entering a new room through a door or warp pipe.
  • Rocks are now solid, rather than only top-solid.
  • Hidden item blocks no longer exert an effect on objects like enemies.
  • Hidden item blocks can now be hit from the side with iceblocks.
  • Light sources can now be disabled, for pure ambient lighting. test.tmx now demonstrates this possibility.
  • Thin ice tiles are now more fragile than before.
  • Pausing the game now shows a menu.
  • The pause key can now be toggled.
  • Fixed some problems when controlling Tux with a joystick.
  • Joystick threshold is now controlled via the Options menu, rather than being a command-line option.
  • Fixed a rather funny bug where Tux would go all over the place on the map.
  • Added sound effects when selecting menu items.
  • Joystick controls are now loaded properly from the config file. Previously, it was looking for the wrong thing, effectively making gamepad configuration impossible.
  • D-pads (joystick hats) now work.
  • The dialog window asking if you want to overwrite a save has been replaced with a menu, making it more seamless and allowing it to be navigated by a gamepad.

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