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ReTux Level Making Contest

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Sat 21 May 2016 02:34:48 PM UTC.

So, ReTux 0.6 has been released. The game is finished; I have done everything I originally set out to do and then some. But I am not satisfied. That's why I am announcing a ReTux level making contest.

Everyone who enters can get the password to decrypt ReTux at no charge, and prize money will awarded to the winners. Interested? Keep reading.


This is a contest to make fun ReTux levels to be included in the now empty "Bonus Levels" levelset.

See the level editor guide to learn how to make levels for ReTux:

Rules and Guidelines

  • Entries must be submitted before July 1, 2016.
  • Entries must be released under libre licenses. Recommended licenses are the GNU GPL, CC BY, CC BY-SA, or CC0. Please indicate your chosen license(s) when you submit your entry. Entries containing any non-libre components will be disqualified. A list of libre software licenses can be found here, and a list of libre culture licenses can be found here. If you have any questions regarding what is libre and what is not libre, please send an email to
  • Entries may be created individually or by teams. If an entry is created by a team, it is the team's responsibility to determine how any prize money should be allocated.
  • Any one participant may submit any number of entries.
  • No entry may be an obvious variant or duplicate of another entry. If multiple entries are clearly variants of the same level, only one such entry (the first entry submitted unless the author of this entry requests otherwise) will be accepted.
  • Judges are not permitted to submit any entries.

How To Enter

To make your level, a copy of ReTux is needed. Anyone who enters is entitled to a free copy of ReTux. If you would like to get a free copy of ReTux, please do the following before June 20, 2016:

1. Publicly announce somewhere (e.g. in a forum post or tweet) that you will participate in this contest.

2. Send an email to requesting your copy of ReTux.

Those who do not announce their participation in the contest before June 20 can still participate, but will not be eligible for a free copy of ReTux.

Once you have a copy of ReTux, you will be able to make your entry using the Tiled map editor in the way explained by the level editing guide. When you are finished with your entry, send it to, indicating the libre license(s) you wish to use in the email. All entries must be submitted before July 1, 2016 to be eligible for prize money. Entries can be submitted in any form as long as I can manage to get them to work, but creating a simple levelset (without a worldmap) and exporting the levelset from the Options menu to a .rtz file is recommended.

Judgment and Prizes

Levels will be judged by me, and if anyone is interested in volunteering, I will accept up to 4 additional judges. Please let me know by sending an email to as soon as possible if you are interested in volunteering to be a judge.

All judges will play each submitted level, assign a rating from 0 to 100, and write a short explanation for their ratings. Each entry's final score will be the average of the scores given by all judges. The five entries with the highest scores will win prizes. In the event of a tie between two entries for a prize winning spot, the judges will discuss among themselves which entry deserves the prize more. The scores, and the explanations by the judges, will be made publicly available.

All qualified entries with an average score higher than 50 will be included with ReTux, most likely as part of the "Bonus Levels" levelset, and the names of the authors of these levels will be added to the credits. Entries with a lower average score than 50 will be considered by me for inclusion with ReTux on a case-by-case basis.

Prizes will be awarded to five entries with the highest scores:

  • First place: $50
  • Second place: $20
  • Third place: $20
  • Fourth place: $5
  • Fifth place: $5

I am certain that I can send the prizes via PayPal or a wire transfer. Other methods (such as Bitcoin) will be explored if a winner wants to use them.

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